29 Apr

By Elizabeth and Cassandra

Our Think Like a Worm event took place on Saturday April 13th, and was a great success. The evening began with a worm composting workshop by local expert Peg Davies. This fully-booked workshop was attended by several garden members, and other interested people from the community. Peg helped us to set up our very own worm farm at the garden and provided practical advice on how to feed and care for our worms. It was fun and very informative. You can find out more about Peg and her workshops via this link https://www.lessenwithpeg.com/.

As the sun began to set we activated the audio-visual installation which consisted of projections on the shade cloths in the communal plot, small videos embedded around the path, eight different audio channels throughout the garden and colourful lighting. Instrumental recordings of Julian (French horn), Maranda (Voice) and Amy (Violin) were all featured around the shade-cloth projection. Thank you to these garden members for their wonderful sounds. Overall, the art work was inspired by our reflections on worms and how they experience the world, including the types of textures, sensations and sounds they may encounter below the ground.

Through out the evening we served refreshments and herbal teas from the garden, including bush mint, lemon balm, anise hyssop and the most popular okra ‘coffee.’ Across the three-hour duration we welcomed around 100 guests, many of whom were visiting our garden for the first time. Several people expressed their admiration for the garden as a place of community connection, sustainable and local food production, and beauty. All enjoyed experiencing the garden in the context of this novel audio-visual installation and community gathering.

This project was made possible by the City of Stirling through the Community Grants Program. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Inglewood Mount Lawley Community Garden Committee and all Members with a special thank you to Shelly and Julie, The Centre for People, Place & Planet, The Forrest Foundation.

Photography by Eduardo Cossio, and members Shelley Reeve, Penny Scott and Michele Creasy

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