11 Apr

This is where you will now find out what is happening in our little patch, from up and coming events to what we have been up to, there is never a dull moment..needless to say this last week has been a busy one.

*Below is our gorgeous Committee member Crystal holding some freshly picked herbs & and kale from our garden**

Let me start off by saying that I am sure I felt the garden let out a HUGE sigh of relief with the cooler weather and the first real rain of the season. It has been a welcome change and with that we have been able to get some much needed jobs done around the garden.

Busy Bee Sunday 10th April

Was a fabulous success and the BIGGEST THANK YOU to those of you who came down to help. We managed to tick off the majority of the jobs on the list as well as a few more...which is an outstanding achievement! 

Our shed is tidy with some new shelving, the raised garden beds are filled and planted with some herbs and the most delicious garlic. 

We have started preparations for some ground level garden beds 

**Stay tuned on more info on those and how to get your hands on your very own leased plot for the 22/23 season**

We also have a new resident our beautiful Scarecrow built by one of our amazing members Penny, we absolutely love our new addition, check out the photo below.  But need your help to give them a name you can help us by clicking this link and completing our survey- the results will be released very soon 

Help name our Scarecrow- click this link

Task & Harvest

Our task and harvest events have been put on hold for this week due to the fact the summer crops are coming to an end. We are planning Autumn, winter plant and will keep you posted on that shortly.  We will still need your help on compost turning, so if you are a financial member we will email you info on that in the coming week or keep an eye on the members only Facebook page for info.

Mosaic workshop

Thanks to those of you who have registered for the Mosaic workshop on the 18th April.  The class is now full. Due to this success and interest, keep a watch out for the next one TBA. 

Lastly, the Easter is fast approaching and like me I am sure you are looking forward to a break, stay safe and well and eat as much chocolate as you like...it's Easter you are allowed...ha ha

Till next week

Catherine Jones

President/Member Liaison     

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